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Biohazard & Environmental Clean Up

Biohazard & Environmental Clean Up

Biohazard removal can be a dangerous situation and should be handled by professionals. Anyone in the contaminated space can be at risk for serious health issues and improper handling of contaminated materials can lead to serious illness. Do not attempt to clean up the mess yourself. Most of the time professional equipment and cleaning processes will be needed. The mess will also need to be properly disposed of.

This type of property damage can also be very emotional in many situations and requires compassion as well as discretion. Goliath Disaster Restoration has a certified and experienced team of professionals that understands the often sensitive and urgent nature of these types of situations. Though we care about your property, your safety is always our top priority. Our Bio-hazard teams will make it their mission to protect you, your loved ones, and your property. They are equipped with the proper protective equipment and training to work in the contaminated space without risk of exposure. The structure will be thoroughly sanitized and all contaminated materials will be properly disposed of offsite and in accordance with OHSA & health regulations.

•We Provide the following services:

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• Service Available 24/7/365

• Sewage back-up

• Hazardous material spills

• Animal waste

• Trauma clean-up

• Bodily fluids

• Odor Removal

• Rodent feces

• Chemical clean-up

• Gross living/hoarding

• Decomposition

• Fingerprint powder removal

• Blood and other bodily fluids

• Fire extinguisher residue

• Crime scene clean-up