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The Goliath Guarantee

• We are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

• You will always be contacted within 30 minutes of the loss notification

• Emergency services will be on site within 1 hour of initial loss notification

• All of our technicians are background checked and drug tested

• All damage, work performed, and completed repairs will be documented and photographed on every insurance claim

• Drying logs and moisture readings competed on every water loss

• All technicians that step foot in your home are background checked and drug tested

• Certificate of Satisfaction & Completion will be provided on every job

The Goliath Difference

Goliath Disaster Restoration & Emergency Services is proud to be a family owned and operated full-service company. Since 2007 we have been restoring homes and businesses all over the Tampa Bay Area. We have restored thousands of homes and businesses. Goliath is trusted by companies like Liberty Mutual, Allstate, State Farm, The City of Bradenton, Bonefish, Carrabas, Argus Property Management, Sentry Management, Ameritech, and many more. The Goliath name is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, honest business practices, rapid response, and the best customer service available. With over 20 years in the restoration business we are the contractor of choice when it comes to peace of mind and quality work.
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• Free Estimates

• Service Available 24/7/365

• Water Extraction & Rapid Structural Drying

• Specialty Drying Techniques

• Material Removal

• Commercial Drying Specialists

• Emergency Board Up

• Mold Remediation & Testing

• Moisture Mapping

• Inventory and Pack-out

• Fire & Smoke Damage Clean up

• Smoke Odor Removal

• Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration

• Sewage & Bio-hazard Clean up

• Carpet, Tile, & Upholstery Cleaning

• Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration

• Content Manipulation

• Equipment set-up & Monitoring

• Documentation for your Insurance

• Full Service Repairs (if needed)

• Large Loss, Multi-Unit, & Catastrophe

• Initial and Final Cleaning

• Directly Bill Insurance

• Leak Detection

• Thermal Imaging & Moisture Detection

• Content and Document Restoration

Hear what our clients have to say about us......

  • Tonya Wardle
    There are just not enough words that could express the gratitude I have for your company. The water damage was everywhere, but your team was just amazinf. Goliath Disaster Restoration thank you!

    Tonya Wardle
    (At Promotions & Marketing)
  • Zachary Harris
    Our HVAC leaked water into the guest bedroom and living room. It was bad but could’ve been much worse. Chris made it seem like nothing. He came in like a super hero with his crew and saved the day! He was fast on the scene, efficient, and knowledgeable. He came by on Tuesday and told me exactly what his crew would do. He did a follow up on Wednesday and Thursday and by Friday they were picking up the drying equipment. I highly recommend Goliath!

    Zachary Harris
  • Steve Sanchez
    After a fire had flooded 13 high rise condos including ours, Goliath came out and was hired to clean and dry all of them. There were employees and vehicles everywhere. It was really something to watch. Not one person had a bad thing to say about them and to me that is really something. The general manager and the office manager met with us and went over what was going to happen. They got rid of the smoke odor, removed the damaged walls, dried everything, and remodeled our place as well as the others. Everybody's place looked great! Impressive job guys! You don't see that kind of response or service very often anymore!

    Steve Sanchez
  • Chris Jhons
    GDR is a great and reliable company. I would highly recommend them. They respond quickly and get the job done. Their staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for providing such wonderful services!!!

    Chris Jhons
    (Homeowner - Referred by Citizens Insurance)
  • Agnes Bridges
    The hurricane really damaged our house. It was trashed. Goliath came out and met with the insurance people, coordinated everything, and 3 weeks later we were back in our home. It was a huge project and I was surprised how smoothly it went. They are very pleasant to work with and they know what they are doing.

    Agnes Bridges
    (Homeowner - Referred by Allstate)
  • Michael Lamb
    This is a very professional company. I was pleased with the quality of the service given that this was the first time i have experienced water damage and did not fully understand the water mitigation process. They left the equipment for extra time and did not charge me for it to make sure everything was dry. They also did a beautiful job cleaning my carpet and tile. The whole process only took 4 days. Thank you guys!

    Michael Lamb
    (Homeowner / Business Owner)
  • Delilah Crocker
    We had an upstairs sink overflow down into the bathroom below. I called on a Saturday night & they were to my house in a little under an hour. Everyone I spoke to, from the office to the workers, was very friendly. I'd certainly recommend anyone dealing with a flooded home to give them a call. They had big dehumidifiers and fans, mats with tubes on our floor, machines that went in to the walls, and cameras that could see the water damage. It was quite impressive. They were very clean and treated our home with respect. If you have water damage this is the company to call!

    Delilah Crocker
    (Rental Property Owner)
  • Vincent Dwyer
    Excellent company to work with. My family member passed away in her home and she was a hoarder. Goliath cleaned up everything and was very compassionate throughout the process. Brett the owner even went over with me before the job started to find certain family heirlooms. He was very understanding and really made the entire family feel better. The house had to be pretty much gutted and redone. I never thought they would get the smell out but they did. The place looked amazing and we were able to sell it quickly. Goliath you helped out family through the most difficult time with such caring and professionalism. We will never forget your kindness. I would tell anyone that this is the best Restoration company you will find period.

    Vincent Dwyer
  • Sonya Willis
    GDR was responsive when we had an unexpected water issue occur. The entire first floor of our home flooded. Mike and his crew showed up and was both professional and courteous! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They knew exactly what to do and made my wife and I feel very comfortable. I was very impressed by the job they did. All I had to do was call my insurance company and they handled the rest. They dried everything out and they saved our wood floors that we just had installed. Where they had to remove drywall that was damaged I can't even tell they replaced it. Absolutely top notch job guys!

    Sonya Willis
    (Homeowner / Property Manager)
  • Ava Terry
    Great company! They did a very good job cleaning up our home after we had a sewage backup. The workers left everything spotless. They also did a great job remodeling our kitchen and bathrooms. They look better than before. Dani in the office even helped us with the design. Brett was very hands on. They helped us find a place to stay as we had to be out of our house for a couple weeks. I would advise anyone to use this company!

    Ava Terry
  • Stan Robbins
    Our office was damaged after the toilet backed up. It  damaged the entire building. Goliath was unbelievable! What a great job. They were so thorough they cleaned and dried everything. When it came time to remodel they did a beautiful job and much faster than I thought it would be. We were only closed for a couple weeks and our office looks better than ever. I would refer Goliath Disaster Restoration to anyone. Thanks guys!

    Stan Robbins
    (Business Owner)
  • Francesca Ashton
    Chris, Mike, Josh, and Oscar were all courteous and professional when they came to inspect the problem and setup their equipment. They had these cameras that find water in the walls and that let them look inside the walls.They fixed everything and didn't leave any damage. I had a slab leak and after working with Goliath I highly recommend them. This is a no hassle company and they really know what they are doing. Great job guys!!

    Francesca Ashton
  • Robert Davies
    I called GDR with a mold issue and they where able to come out quickly to resolve my issue. Dani is a truly caring individual who was a delight to work with. Brett figured out the problem and put his team on it right away. All the mold is gone and our home looks amazing. It took awhile to get everything done but we did upgrade a lot of things and the project came out better than expected. Our kitchen, living room, and bathrooms look better than new. Brett did a great job dealing with our insurance. Thank you for your outstanding service!

    Robert Davies
  • Mathew Doyle
    We had a pipe leak while we were out of town. The water caused mold damage through out our home. A friend recommended Goliath to us and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. They came out and inspected our house and went through everything that needed to be done. Brett also guided us on the best way to proceed with insurance and he got everything covered. The workers did a fabulous job. They were on time and courteous. The final product is better than we expected and the best part no more mold! They had another company come out and perform testing to be sure and everything passed. We are so happy we would recommend Goliath to anyone.

    Mathew Doyle
  • Renee Hudson
    Goliath Disaster Restoration has worked on multiple large sewage losses for the City of Bradenton. They are a preferred vendor with us. Fast response, great service, and quality work!  
    Renee Hudson
    (City of Bradenton - Risk Management)
  • Kathleen McGovern
    Goliath Disaster Restoration is the only company I will use for restoration work. I have worked with Brett and Danielle for years and they have worked on water, mold, and odor jobs for me numerous times. They really know how to treat their customers. Whether I call them on Tuesday afternoon or Friday at 3 am, they are on-site in no time and fixing the problem. Truly a wonderful company with wonderful owners! 
    Kathleen McGovern
    (Property Manager)
  • Justin & Jeff
    Brett and his staff have taken care of 15 or so floods for us over the last few years. They are fast, professional, and always take good care of our tenants. Over the years they have shown a track record for excellent service in addition to being very easy to work with. Great company! 
    Justin & Jeff
    (G.M. & Assistant G.M. - House of the Sun / Siesta Key Condo Rentals)
  • Andrea Lonas
    My townhouse flooded and my insurance company sent out Goliath Disaster Restoration. I was very pleased with the way they treated me and my home. They dried my place out very fast and were very pleasant to deal with throughout the entire ordeal. A+ Service!! A great company!

    Andrea Lonas
    (Homeowner - Referred by Liberty Mutual Insurance)
  • Jimmy Kopteros
    Goliath Disaster Restoration has worked on several floods as well as mold damaged properties for us. They always respond quickly, they treat our customers the way we treat them, and they do quality work in a timely manner. I have been very pleased with their service and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a good restoration company.

    Jimmy Kopteros
    (Property Management - Tampa Bay Rental Solutions)
  • John C. Tillman
    I was referred to Goliath by my sister. She had a flood in her high-rise condo unit on the beach in St. Pete Beach last year and she was very pleased with what they had done. From the start I was very impressed. A large team showed up and the owner Brett came out to inspect my unit and the other damaged units. They were very professional and went over all the details with me. They answered my questions and immediately started work. From day one, we had a deadline as I had a tenant coming in less than two weeks to rent the unit in season. I couldn’t believe how quickly they completed the work. They dried my unit, completed all the reconstruction, repainted everything, cleaned the entire unit, and moved all my furniture back in 10 days. And in season! The quality of work was outstanding and I was very pleased with the way they treated me. I would recommend Goliath Disaster Restoration to anyone that has a flood, they will treat you with respect and get the job done right!

    John C. Tillman
    (Property Owner)
  • EJ Goodman
    I have worked with Goliath Disaster Restoration for years. As a general contractor, I have a lot of knowledge about buildings and the problems that they can have. When I run in to water, fire, or mold damage I always call Brett and his team. The first time I used them I was truly impressed. They are experts at what they do and their customer service is amazing. I never have to worry about my customers when I send them a job, as I know they will take care of them. It is a breath of fresh air to meet a company that cares about their clients as much as I do. I am also impressed by how well they have handled some very large jobs. One thing is for sure, there guys know what they are doing! 

    EJ Goodman
    (The Hurricane Police & The Goodman Group)
  • Rebekah Boos
    Goliath Disaster Restoration has performed many jobs for my clients. They are the only company I will refer for property damage. They have an outstanding level of service and they treat my customers the way I do. I can’t say enough good things about Brett and his team!

    Rebekah Boos
    (WCH Realty Group)
  • Terry & Phil Ormsby
    Brett and Dani, you are amazing to work with. Your team is lightning fast, they do great work, and our clients are always so pleased to deal with you. Goliath Disaster Restoration is wonderful and we would recommend you to anyone!

    Terry & Phil Ormsby
    (Florida Realty Group)
  • Joe Murphy
    Brett and the Goliath team have handled countless property damage issues for me. They have always been extremely fast to respond, maintained a very high quality of work, and they know how to deal with people in a pleasant and informative manner. I even used them when my own home flooded. Outstanding company! 

    Joe Murphy
    (Coldwell Banker - Realtor)
  • Linda Forbes
    Quick response time and outstanding professionalism. Everything was done correctly and quickly. I would highly recommend Goliath Disaster Restoration!

    Linda Forbes
  • Tom Perzel
    Brett and his team have worked on countless jobs for me. They are a preferred vendor for Sentry Management. They have always been extremely professional and their level of service is unparalleled. When my own home flooded, I did not hesitate to call them to do the work. They have always been very professional, courteous, and they do outstanding work. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Tom Perzel
    (Property Manager - Sentry Management)
  • Josephine Martin
    When Brett and his team worked on my kitchen: 1. They didn’t let me do a thing. 2. They treated me like I was their mother. 3. They were very polite. 4. They were extremely neat and they even covered my rug. 5. They took the time to explain everything they were going to do. 6. They caught me on a ladder and they took me by the arm and got me down, then finished what I was going.

    Josephine Martin
    (Referred by State Farm Insurance)
  • Terry Gilder
    Thank you for your fast response and excellent service. Goliath Disaster Restoration is a life saver! 

    Terry Gilder
    (Property Owner)
  • Judy Hess
    Brett and the Goliath Team, Thank you for your many acts of kindness! I could not have made it through this without your help. Absolutely amazing company! Thank you so very much. 

    Judy Hess
    (Property Owner)
  • Jean Laurienti
    When the washing machine I rented from Aaron’s flooded my home because it malfunctioned, Aaron’s sent out Goliath. The technician was very pleasant and polite. He walked me through all the damage, even the damage I couldn’t see, completely explained the work that needed to happen, and did a very thorough job. I was very pleased with Goliath’s service and I will continue to use Aaron’s because of the way they took care of me. Thank you!

    Jean Laurienti
    (Referred by Aaron’s Furniture Rental)
  • Bobbi Lichtenstein
    Goliath Disaster Restoration’s technicians were very professional and they thoroughly explained the procedure and what was going to happen. They did everything they said they would and I was very pleased with their service. Great company!! 

    Bobbi Lichtenstein
    (Homeowner - Referred by Cool Today)
  • Pat Cracchiolio
    Brett, John, Danielle and the rest of the Goliath team have worked on numerous projects at the two large properties I manage in Clearwater. They have always provided excellent service, very reasonable pricing, and most importantly whenever I have an issue they respond immediately. I would highly recommend them and I will never use another company for my restoration work. 

    Pat Cracchiolio
    (Property Manager - Ameritech)
  • Bryan Makowski
    Hey Bob & Brett, My wife and kids were having respiratory issues prior your drying out our laundry room and finding the mold we had been living with for months and not even knowing. Your crew and you were very professional and knowledgeable about how to get rid of the problem within a few days…You will get Lots of referrals from us.

    Bryan Makowski
    (Real Estate Agent / Business Owner)
  • Alan Stein
    Thanks Goliath and Brett for cleaning up our offices and those of the Doctors units and the other companies next door. This is the 2nd time you have had to come out and clean and restore our floors & walls from a sewage back-up. 
    Alan Stein
    (Commercial Property Owner / Accountant)
  • Julie
    It was a very difficult situation having one of our tenants pass away in that manner. You guys really came to the rescue by cleaning up the unit so very well. We can’t tell you how much we appreciated your quick response…thanks again!!!
    (Manager - Skyline Fifth Apartments)
  • Veletta Tusa
    Brett & Andy did a very thorough removal of all the mold at our 7th floor condominium. My mother and I were amazed how much better we could breathe after the mold was gone…thanks! 
    Veletta Tusa